Looking back at The Future of Corporate Reporting 2022

The Future of Corporate Reporting | March 24, 2022

On the 24th of March the 9th edition of The Future of Corporate Reporting took place. During this online event, several experts shared their vision on trends in Corporate Reporting. This session was so successful, the event was again organized in 2023 with new topics and updated information. To read more about the most recent “The Future of Corporate Reporting”-event, click here. Are you interested in the 2022 edition? Then keep reading about the interesting guests who spoke at this event.

Arjan Brouwer: Corporate Reporting and the integration of financial and non-financial information
Our first keynote speaker was Arjan Brouwer, Professor External Reporting at VU Amsterdam and partner at PwC. As a strong advocate for (corporate) transparency, Arjan shared his vision on corporate reporting and the integration of financial and non-financial information.

Peter Paul Boon: Tax Transparency
Peter Paul Boon, Global Head of Tax of NN Group, was our second keynote speaker. In 2019 Peter Paul and his team published a Total Tax Contribution report, which made NN Group the first multinational in the Netherlands to do this. NN Group ranked number 1 for three consecutive years in the Tax Transparency Benchmark, published by the Dutch association of investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO). During The Future of Corporate Reporting 2022, Peter Paul shared his insights and vision on tax transparency.

Starting 1 January 2023 multinationals are required to make all new calculations for Pillar 2. Click here for more information.

Integrated Reporting: the journey of Arcadis
Laura van Oorschot (now Senior Manager at KPMG) shared her experiences from her role as Director Group Reporting & Accounting at Arcadis. Over the past few years, she has been (co-)responsible for the Annual Integrated Report and she was one of the key drivers of Integrated Reporting and Sustainability Reporting at Arcadis. During the Future of Corporate Reporting, Laura walked us through the development of the annual report, the changing finance process (also driven by iXBRL requirements) and her department’s leadership role in this change. Furthermore, she elaborated on how technology (Sturnis365) has enabled this process and created the opportunity for Arcadis to publish their annual report one month earlier than before.

Sustainability Reporting: Internal Control and Audit
Sustainability reporting, a must for many organisations and soon, even an obligation in Europe. Understanding sustainability standards is one thing, but preparing for a limited or reasonable assurance audit is another. In this session, Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA guided us through the requirements an auditor has in order to issue an audit opinion on a sustainability report. This was aimed at financials as well as non-financials, management as well as project leaders, and other sustainability professionals who want to be better prepared for such audits. Jelle Mattias is a Dutch Chartered Accountant (Register accountant) with experience in the private sector with EY and public sector with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. He is also lecturer at Nyenrode Business University.

Corporate Reporting bij PP Group (Dutch session)
Rob van der Meij, Group Controller bij PP Group, ging in deze sessie in op de ontwikkelingen binnen het familieconcern en groot visserijbedrijf Parlevliet & Van der Plas Groep op gebied van finance, tax en sustainability. Op een recht-toe-rechtaan manier zoomde Rob in op de ondersteuning van technologie bij dataverzameling, het belang van goede en transparante rapportages en de factoren die hier invloed op hebben.

The rapidly evolving landscape in Sustainability Reporting in the EU
Consultants at Intire, gave a full overview of the landscape in sustainability reporting as part of The Future of Corporate Reporting 2022. They covered EU regulations such as the CSRD and the EU Taxonomy, as well as recent developments in sustainability standard setters. Special attention went to the newly created International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and the updated GRI standards.

Intire has hosted another webinar specifically about the CSRD and the EU Taxonomy. Want to deep dive into these topics? Watch this webinar!

ESG lessons to be learned from an unregulated industry
In this session, Regennabis Co-Founder, Geoff Trotter, and Emex Software Chief Revenue Officer, Rich Waller, shared why corporations must embrace an ESG framework covering the basic issues like transparency and disclosure, climate change management, and board governance. Regennabis and Emex also discussed how to think about specific ESG issues for the short-term while preparing for long-term competitive advantage, including access to capital, enhanced risk mitigation and value creation, customer acquisition and employee retention.

Panel “ESG within the Office of the CFO”  (Dutch session)
In deze discussie hebben drie panelleden ieder vanuit hun eigen invalshoek het onderwerp ESG/sustainability binnen finance benaderd. Roel Haverland (CCH Tagetik) vanuit software-leverancier, Wesley Schulte (Intire) als reporting-adviseur en Auke Droogh (Mourik) vanuit zijn praktijk als financieel directeur van een groot familiebedrijf. Er is onder andere behandeld wat de rol is van verslaggeving, de omgang met data en het belang van duurzaamheid voor de bedrijfsvoering binnen Mourik.

CXO Software at GrandVision
During this session, Justyna Wagemakers, FP&A Manager at GrandVision, explains how she leveraged CXO, a technology that integrates directly to EPM systems, to transform EPM data into a quality source of information for Management. She also shared how she easily tracks and analyzes strategic insights and enables her management team to access key finance data to make more effective, informed decisions to drive the business success.

Technology Trends in Non-Financial Reporting
We welcomed back the TT series for the third year in a row. In this latest edition, Wietse Mol brought you up to speed on the latest developments. Topics for this session included:

  • What has been moving on the technology front?
  • What are the big guys doing (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft)?
  • Getting serious with ESG reporting: where do I begin?
  • No-lose scenario’s, sure bets and tips and tricks

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