Selection of sustainability management software

A growing selection of tools

The market for sustainability management software (SMS) is multiplying. Great news, as you can choose the software that suits your specific needs. How do you select the best technology for your company?

What to consider during the selection of sustainability management software

Sustainability management software (SMS) should support the data processing from the many contributors inside and possibly outside your organization. Some may be using the systems intensively; others may ‘just’ occasionally contribute with their limited dataset.

When selecting your SMS, also consider if several types of information can be used, such as quantities in several units of measure, financial data, textual data, and Booleans.

Key functionalities sustainability management software

ESG in a broad sense

  • Emissions, Resources, Waste
  • Diversity, Health, Safety, Consumer Protection, Community Engagement
  • Compensation, Corruption, Integrity

Both external & internal

  • Links to external standards
  • Internal corporate reporting: targeting, forecasting, and tracking


  • Upstream: supplier performance management
  • Downstream: stakeholder communication

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Selecting the right sustainability management software for your situation

In the Verdantix 2021 EHS software benchmark, 13 vendors made it to the Leaders’ Quadrant. Differentiating is getting harder, giving you many excellent options to choose from. Our tested Selection Scenario helps you look at all the elements needed to select the best sustainability management software for your company.

Selection Scenario

  • Proven step-by-step approach
  • Set of best practices and templates
  • Enables efficient and solid process
  • Can be completed with custom steps as needed
Selection scenario sustainability management software

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