Deep dive on CSRD and EU Taxonomy

Webinar on the CSRD and the EU Taxonomy

Following up on a successful session during the Future of Corporate Reporting about EU regulation and sustainability reporting frameworks, Valentijn has hosted another webinar specifically about the CSRD and the EU Taxonomy on the 19th of May, 2022, in collaboration with Reinoud Clemens.

Since 2018 Reinoud Clemens is Sustainability Portfolio Manager and Sustainable Finance specialist within the Corporate Sustainability team of DSM. Within this role he is responsible for developing non-financial and portfolio metrics related to the sustainability impact of DSMs solutions. Reinoud is also the content lead for emerging Sustainable Finance legislation such as the EU Taxonomy.

With mandatory requirements, rapidly changing timelines, and a lack of clarity about when and what exactly needs to be reported, many companies are uncertain about how to prepare for the CSRD and EU Taxonomy. In this webinar, Valentijn and Reinoud will dive into the latest developments and provide you with tips on how to best prepare for these mandatory disclosures.  

Also during the session, the Intire EU regulation scan was introduced with a specific focus on the CSRD, EU Taxonomy, and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence directive. This comprehensive scan allows your company to get an insight in what regulations will be relevant for you, what data you will have to collect and report on, and optionally, how to get there.

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