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A passion for integrated reporting

At Intire we combine technical, financial, sustainability and safety knowledge to help you on your way. 


Wietse Mol

Wietse brings about fifteen year of technology experience to the team. Able to translate business requirements in high performing intuitive applications, Wietse delivers the efficiency gains automation is all about. Just let him know what you need: wietse.mol@intire.nl

Wesley Schulte

Wesley Schulte

Wesley brings great IR expertise to the table, having co-authored the IIRC CFO and CIO paper. With a strong passion for innovation and customer relations, he’s your man to make your project work. Just reach out to him: wesley.schulte@intire.nl

Victor Brandsema

“Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the need to add sustainability reporting to their reporting cycle”, says Victor Brandsema. Victor is an experienced Performance Management Solutions consultant, just drop him a note if you want to get in touch: victor.brandsema@intire.nl

Marieke Marijnissen

Marieke has strong sustainable entrepreneurial skills and knows how to design, implement, and successfully manage performance. With a background in business economics, she understands the core of the processes to maintain a successful business. In combination with implementing sustainability within the existing framework, she understands and fulfills the (future) needs of organizations to integrate sustainability into their business. Marieke.marijnissen@intire.nl

Nathalie de Vries

Nathalie uses her past experience to help companies align with sustainability legislation, standards and frameworks. She is used to engage with stakeholders, setting up the ESG reporting and implementing a transition plan. Interested to see what she can do for you? Just get in touch: Nathalie.de.vries@intire.nl

dick walraven

Dick Walraven

Dick has the talent to combine the technical and theoretical subjects of sustainability with hands-on actions. With a background in Business & Marketing, Ecological Resources, and Textiles, he has a great understanding of what your business needs to comply with future sustainability regulations. Just reach out to him: Dick.walraven@intire.nl 

Romée van der Sande

Romée knows how to create continuity for your organization by reporting sustainability in valuable ways. With a background in business strategy, she understands the challenges businesses deal with. She uses creative thinking and a proactive approach, to create sustainable solutions that will align with the goals of your organization. Interested to see what she can do for you? Just get in touch: Romee.van.der.sande@intire.n

Rogier Mul

Rogier Mul is Intire’s Relationship & Business Development Manager. Equipped with a broad background in sustainability in the solar energy sector, sustainability consulting, and impact investing, Rogier brings comprehensive expertise about the intersection of sustainability and business to his role. Alongside his work, Rogier is currently pursuing an MBA at Nyenrode Business University, to keep up to date with the latest knowledge and advancements in the field. Just drop him a note if you want to get in touch: Rogier.mul@intire.nl

Johanna Gärtner

Johanna has a profound understanding of the sustainability challenges business encounter. With her expertise in sustainable business development, she is dedicated to empowering companies to foster positive change. Johanna has a proactive mindset, constantly looking for innovative solutions to drive impactful transformations. Get in touch: johanna.gaertner@intire.nl

Nike van der Velde

Nike has a background in tourism, business administration and entrepreneurship and has always been driven by sustainability. With several years of experience in the banking industry, she specialized in non-financial reporting. Nike is structured and proactive in her way of working, while being both people- and goal-oriented. Feel free to get in touch at nike.van.der.velde@intire.nl

Jacqueline Wissing

Jacqueline is convinced that great design is more than just beautiful; it is effective as well. As a communication and design specialist at our sister company Springfish, she has an eye for detail and makes every report visually appealing. Just reach out to her: jacqueline.wissing@springfish.nl.

Jelle Mattias

Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA

Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA is a Dutch Chartered Accountant (In Dutch known as “Registeraccountant”). He is an experienced accountant in both the private sector with EY and the public sector with the Dutch Ministry of Finance. On top of that, he is a lecturer at Nyenrode Business University. Hence, he is an expert when it comes to auditing in the face of (sustainability) reporting! jelle.mattias.holwerda@intire.nl

Danielle Gruijs

Danielle transforms your sustainability ambitions into powerful content. As a communication strategist and content specialist at our sister company Springfish, you can count on her for a crisp strategy and engaging texts. Just drop her a note: danielle.gruijs@springfish.nl



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