The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: A Fair Step towards Climate Neutrality

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism is a European regulation under which importers of goods have to pay for CO2 emitted in the production of goods outside of the EU. With this regulation, the European Union aims to put products from the EU (which are under stricter CO2 rules) on equal stance with their competing products from outside Europe. Read more about the new reporting regulation that is going to change the way importers work.

Workshop: CSRD en de waardeketen

CSRD-rapportage gaat verder dan alleen de eigen operaties. Ook de acties van jouw leveranciers en klanten gaan een belangrijke rol spelen in de duurzaamheidsrapportage. Hoe ga je hiermee om? Deze vraag vormt de basis tijdens de workshop op 27 augustus.

Navigating the Nexus: CSDDD and CSRD Alignment Unveiled

The die is cast: The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), also known as CS3D, has been adopted by the European Union on 15 March. But what does this mean for your corporation, and how does it relate to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)?

Round Table – CSRD, Data, & Software (May 2024)

On May 23rd of 2024, Intire hosted a round table about CSRD, data, and software: what is the right approach around CSRD data collection, and how do you go about deploying software for these challenges? We discussed such questions with a group of 12 financial and sustainability professionals who are involved directly in their organisation’s CSRD implementation.

Navigating ESRS Sector Standards

With the first set of ESRS standards out, we are looking at the next steps in the regulatory development of the CSRD. The ESRS sector standards are being developed as we speak. With another set of reporting standards coming your way, you might want to know more about what it entails for your organization. Intire looked into the details and what these new requirements mean for organizations in different sectors.

Financial Materiality in Sustainability Reporting

You might have heard about financial materiality before. Perhaps you have even chatted to colleagues from the finance or sustainability department about it. But did you know they might not be talking about the same concept? Read this blog to find out more about the differences and similarities of financial materiality in sustainability and finance.

The Future of Corporate Reporting 2024

Al meer dan een decennium lang hét evenement voor de finance, sustainability en corporate reporting professional die voorbereid wil zijn voor de toekomst van dit vakgebied. Het thema van dit jaar? High Tech of High Touch. Ben jij er ook bij?