Our approach to sustainability reporting

We’ve honed our methodology over the years. Our proven approach ensures you reach your goals: a smooth and efficient process, insightful dashboards and an engaging report for your stakeholders, all with a clear message.

How does our methodology kick start your improved sustainability reporting?

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Making the right choices

We understand the various sustainability frameworks and sustainability management systems. We know how to involve all the contributors to the process and unlock the data in the silos, both inside and outside your company. On top of that, we engage your stakeholder by our creation of appealing reports that convey a clear message.

Our proven methodology is based on a step-by-step approach, a pragmatic mindset and the best tooling. We know what it takes to make sustainability work and help you make the right choices for your situation and needs.

Grow your sustainability reporting

Take your sustainability reporting to the next level

Proven step-by-step methodology for your sustainability reporting

Optimizing your sustainability reporting requires a pragmatic approach based on 5 steps:

  1. Determine the main processes for your business and how reporting frameworks match these processes
  2. Assess what is material or what may be of value for different stakeholders
  3. Define the goals and KPIs based on steps 1 and 2
  4. Implement an efficient process with smart tooling fit for your organization
  5. Create an appealing report to engage with your stakeholders

“Intire is good at breaking complex processes down into manageable pieces so that we can put the whole puzzle together”

Gerben Meijer, Eneco Group

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