Sustainability technology as the number one solution for reaching your organizational ESG goals

Sustainability technology as the number one solution for reaching your organizational ESG goals

“The most successful software investments are those that align with the principles of sustainability, focusing on enduring value rather than short-term gains.” (Quote made by AI technology).

Present Day organizational ESG Goals

At present-day requests for ESG information are probably flying around in your organization. If this is not the case for your organization yet, it will be soon. The hunger for ESG-data of your stakeholders such as (end)-customers, investors, employees, and governments is only increasing. Customers have an increasing awareness their environmental impact, investors care more for sustainable investments. Employees want to work for a company that cares about human  and environmental rights. And governments (especially the European Commission) are implementing regulations for Integrated Reporting. Especially a specific regulation from the last driver. The Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD), will ask for a huge amount of data from your organisation. Data that is now probably collected with a lot of time and effort. Through unstructured and ad hoc processes, without any quality assurance on the gathered data. The professionalization of your ESG-data management is the only option and solution to decrease these costs and keep up with the increasing demand for your ESG information.

Sustainability Technology

Sustainability technology, in the form of software, will be a big part of this solution for organizational ESG Goals. This kind of software, often called Sustainability Management Software (SMS), makes it possible to collect your data structured. Planned, and with quality assurance. For example, it will help you with collecting data from other data sources by data acquisition. It will also help you with setting managerial responsibilities through organizational data management. Furthermore, it can also provide carbon data collecting, calculation, and accounting, aligned with the latest state-of-art methodologies and frameworks. All these examples, and many more options that an SMS can offer, professionalize your ESG-data management and make it possible to report reliable sustainability information to your stakeholders. Furthermore, it is also possible to meet other ESG goals such as a competitive sustainability policy and strategy. Thanks to the output of reliable information, you can make (cost) efficient and data-driven solutions for a well thought and rational strategy and policies. This can bring you ahead of competitors that often make sustainability decisions based on unreliable data and unplanned, short-time thinking.  

To conclude, investing in good sustainability technology is key for correctly implementing your ESG goals in your organization. It shift your focus from time consuming and unreliable data collection to actually analysing your data and using their insights for reporting, policy- and strategy-making, and target setting. Hence, your stakeholders will be satisfied because sustainability is fully integrated in your everyday work processes. 

Enthusiastic to improve your knowledge about the options of technology and sustainability more? Check the video with Wietse Mol, our senior (Sustainabilty) Performance Management consultant with 20+ years of experience, here.

Or would you like to explore how technology can ease your organizational sustainability goals? Reach out to one of our people and we are more than happy to discuss our approach to technology support in sustainability management!

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