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How can you relieve the pressure of the CSRD?

A lot of organizations are experiencing the pressure from the upcoming CSRD. Luckily, the phase-in requirements can allow your organization some relief from the fast approaching deadlines.
How that works? Intire has researched it for you.

Hoe pak je verduurzaming aan in je organisatie? Intergamma vertelt!

In deze podcast helpen we je op weg met verduurzaming van je organisatie en de voorbereiding op de komende CSRD met de hulp van Sustainability Director Margreeth Pape van Intergamma, beter bekend als de GAMMA en Karwei. We bespreken de bouwstenen van Intergamma’s duurzaamheidsmanagement en rapportagetraject. Zoals het bepalen van duurzaamheidsambitieniveau, het uitvoeren van een materialiteitsanalyse, het stellen van en committeren aan doelen en doelstellingen. En het betrekken van de organisatie bij de komende duurzaamheidsreis.

7 tips for creating an engaging sustainability report

An appealing and thoughtful sustainability report delivers a lot of benefits to your organization. In addition to creating more insight, it increases your employees’ involvement with sustainable objectives and activities. Not only do you increase awareness of sustainability within your organization, but your organization also becomes more attractive as an employer. In addition, such a report helps attract new customers and investors.

It is therefore not surprising that an increasing number of organizations are publishing a sustainability report in addition to their annual financial report. But how do you do that efficient and well? In this whitepaper we share 7 tips.

Executive Education Program: “ESG Audit Ready”

Intire, in collaboration with Jelle Mattias Holwerda RA, will be providing the Executive Education program ‘ESG Assurance Ready’. This program enhances your knowledge and skills in order to get assurance-ready for your sustainability reporting. The program is beneficial for and aimed at a wide variety of professionals, such as financials as well as non-financials, management, project leaders, and other sustainability professionals

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