Overview of sustainability management software

Good sustainability management software helps you keep track of ESG in a broad sense. From emissions and waste to diversity and corruption prevention.

Additionally, the correct tool should allow you to link to external standards as well as support internal reporting.

Lastly it should benefit your communication with all stakeholders, for instance your suppliers, but also your customers.

Software landscape

The software landscape for Sustainability Management / ESG Software is fairly crowded. In some of the last industry benchmarks there were 22 participants, and at least another 20 that were mentioned but did not qualify. Besides being crowded, the software realm is also very volatile, resulting in a very high number of transactions between various software companies.

So which tools are best equipped to fulfill all these tasks? Below we give you an overview of some industry leading tools and some interesting innovators.

Sphera is an US based innovator with a large worldwide customer base. They provide an integrated risk management solution with a focus on sustainability and EHS.

Integrated risk management software

Extensive data integration capabilities

Up to date data library with frameworks, benchmarks, best practices and reporting schemes

Advanced reporting and dashboarding layer

Enablon is a French technology leader in the field of integrated reporting software. Enablon features broad capabilities ranging from risk management to sustainability.

Allows for versatile use across many value drivers

Uses different modules to cover the different topics

Strong risk management capabilities

Strong incident and safety management

Emex is a fully cloud based platform originating from Ireland. Their solution has particularly good EHS, risk and sustainability capabilities.

Uses different modules to cover the different topics

Strong incident and safety management

User friendly forms designer

Accessible administrator functions

Beezzz is a Dutch innovator that leverages the Microsoft platform in their ESG solution. It consists of an integrated platform which can be implemented using a modular approach.

Actual and Planning data collection, calculation, auditing and reporting

Covers the whole ESG suite

Easy roll out and user acceptance

Fully integrated with your Microsoft landscape

Transparent and attractive pricing

Other options…

This collection is by no means exhaustive, there are many other tools on the market that, depending on your specific requirements, have a better fit with your organization. That’s why it is important to spend time and attention on the selection process and we’d be more than happy to help.