Environmental management software Enablon

Enablon is a French technology leader in the field of integrated reporting software. Enablon features broad capabilities ranging from risk management to sustainability.

Allows for versatile use across many value drivers

Uses different modules to cover the different topics

Strong risk management capabilities

Strong incident and safety management

More than just ESG reporting

Besides allowing you to track leading indicators to accurately measure EHSQ and sustainability performance, Enablon also integrates risk management and operations into their tool. Enablon offers your organization to have consistent processes in one tool, so you comply with regulations and policies on all aspects.

  • Risk & compliance
  • Engineering & operations
  • EHSQ & sustainability

Environmental management software

Enablon offers many functionalities which allow you to identify environmental aspects and reduce impacts, remain in compliance with environmental regulatory obligations, communicate environmental objectives to stakeholders and provide clear visibility to compliance and progress reports, meet and surpass requirements, and drive continuous improvement in environmental performance.

  • Reduce environmental impacts and risks

Implement a systematic approach to identify and reduce environmental aspects and impacts. Put controls in place to mitigate environmental risks. Continually assess environmental impacts to revise and improve controls.

  • Implement the ISO 14001 framework

Use guidance from ISO 14001 to meet regulatory obligations, minimize water and energy use, and implement environmental policy. Communicate to stakeholders how environmental impact is being measured. Craft reports to communicate environmental performance transparently.

  • Centralize permits and policies

Bring together environmental regulations and policies in one centralized location. With a single consolidated view of all regulatory and policy requirements, compliance management becomes easier and more efficient. 

Enablon & Intire

Enablon and Intire know that partners are critical for the full and successful implementation of the software. Intire delivers consulting, integration, and implementation services that help you to maximize your investment in Enablon. Our expertise in the integrated reporting process and deep understanding of Enablon’s functionalities make sure you get the most benefit out of the tool.

Is Enablon the right solution for you?

As with all sustainability management software, there needs to be a match between your organization’s needs and the software. We have gathered some specifications so you know if Workiva is the right sustainability management software for you.

You want a multi-device solution (e.g., mobile, desktop)

Integration with 3rd-party software, content providers, Edge and IoT-enabled device is needed

SaaS approach

You are looking for more than a reporting/disclosure tool



What can Enablon do for you?

Are you curious about how Enablon can help as your environmental management software? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities with one of our experts or request a vendor demo!

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