Overcoming the data gap

Reporting and communicating on non financial data is taking flight at a tremendous pace. Increases in frequency, granularity and regulation result in a lot more data and, frankly, a lot more work. While your resources stay the same. This is the data gap.

There is only one way to meet that challenge head on: technology.


Good sustainability management software helps you keep track of ESG in a broad sense. From emissions and waste to diversity and corruption prevention.

Which tools are best equipped to fulfill all these tasks? On this page we give you an overview of some industry leading tools.


The market for sustainability management software (SMS) is multiplying. Great news, as you can choose the software that suits your specific needs. How do you select the best technology for your company?


Sustainability management software makes a big difference for your team and your reporting. But how do you get the full benefit out of your software? How do you ensure a successful implementation?