Round Table – CSRD, Data, & Software (May 2024)

Round Table – CSRD, Data, & Software (May 2024)

On May 23rd of 2024, Intire hosted a round table about CSRD, data, and software: what is the right approach around CSRD data collection, and how do you go about deploying software for these challenges? We discussed such questions with a group of 12 financial and sustainability professionals who are involved directly in their organisation’s CSRD implementation.

One of the biggest challenges in reaching CSRD compliance is data collection. Many organisations are looking for the most effective approach to collecting CSRD data and how best to use software to successfully address CSRD compliance challenges.

This roundtable took place on the 23rd of May, 2024.

What did we discuss?:

  • Case Study – CSRD and Data at PostNL: Willem Wassink (Group Reporting Officer at PostNL) provided a case study of how PostNL has been managing its sustainability data as the Netherlands’ largest mail and parcel provider.
  • Breakout One – Data: we discussed what kind of data CSRD obliges relevant companies to collect from a compliance perspective, but also how this data can be used strategically to improve the organisation’s decision-making processes.
  • Breakout Two – Software: we covered key requirements for selecting data monitoring software, noting that these vary by organisation. We also explored different software families and approaches for collecting and integrating sustainability data, and how each suits specific organisations and strategies.
  • Group Discussion: one of the key takeaways from our discussion was that challenges in navigating the CSRD data and software landscape are remarkably similar across organisations, regardless of their progress in implementing CSRD or their sector.


We would like to thank all attendees, and especially Willem Wassink, for their openness and contributions to our discussion. We hope all attendees gained valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating CSRD compliance. The shared experiences and expertise highlighted that while challenges in data collection and software selection are common, collaborative discussions can lead to innovative solutions.

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