We need to speed up!

In 2015 all Unites Nations Member States unanimously adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their 169 subtargets.

We are in 2019 now. We were interested where we are now and what is needed to realise the 17 Goals and their subtargets by 2030.

According to Rob van Tulder, Professor of International Business-Society Management, we are moving too slow towards reaching the SDGs. The adoption is not the main problem. It is how the SDGs are implemented. Companies generally focus on their present activities and reactively link them to those SDGs that help them limit waste and other negative effects on society. The SDGs, however, also aim at a more transformational agenda that requires companies to proactively look at what they can do in the future to scale and speed up positive impact. The implementation poses a core problem. Companies do want to implement the SDGs, they just have not figured out how yet. For instance, we know that companies need to adopt the SDGs as a core strategy, but most companies still locate their SDG strategy in the CSR or Philanthropy departments. Moreover, a proactive strategy requires partnering with non-market parties. Challenging, but vital for progress. We cannot wait too long anymore. Companies have to move away from this exploratory phase. Luckily, there are frontrunner firms which lead by example and show how to strategize the SDGs, make them core business and create smart partnerships. 

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Pressure Cooker SDG Strategy

Most companies have already embraced the SDGs. However, implementation is going too slow. Are you willing to make the next step in engaging with the SDGs?  

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