What gets measured, gets managed

It could be an investor, a regulator, your stakeholders, or even your own employees.

But no matter where the need for sustainable reporting comes from, we know what works and have a proven approach for the ESG reporting process through data and technology.


At the end of the day…

…when the machines have stopped and the doors have closed, what did you leave behind? What did you take, and what didn’t you? The interaction with the physical environment around you, that’s your footprint.

Energy, waste, water & CO2 emissions

Check materiality, availability, accuracy & relevance


The right framework for your sustainability reporting

The field of sustainability reporting is rapidly evolving with many frameworks and reporting standards. How do you choose the best framework for your situation? And do the frameworks relate to the mandatory guidelines?

In-depth knowledge of sustainability frameworks

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social and governance

Our main capital is human

Sustainability covers more than just the environment. Social and Governance are crucial elements as well. How do you organize Social and Governance within your company? And how do you share your ambitions and efforts with your stakeholders?

Organizing Social and Governance for your company

Flexibility combined with best practices

reporting process

What is the best method

The sustainability reporting process complex? Sure. This reporting process involves so many different data sources and stakeholders, both internally and externally. How do you create a smooth process? And how do you get everyone involved?

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In-depth knowledge of sustainability reporting