A passion for integrated reporting.

At Intire we combine technical, financial, sustainability and safety knowledge to help you on your way. 

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Wesley Schulte

Wesley Schulte

Wesley brings great IR expertise to the table, having co-authored the IIRC CFO and CIO paper. A strong passion for innovation and customer relations, he's your man to make your project work. Just reach out to him: wesley.schulte@intire.nl


Roy Piek

Roy has all the hands on experience to make the most demanding projects finish in budget, on time. Tech-savy and with excellent communication skills, Roy keeps it fizzy. And he's waiting for your call: roy.piek@intire.nl


Wietse Mol

Wietse brings about fifteen year of technology experience to the team. Able to translate business requirements in high performing intuitive applications, Wietse delivers the efficiency gains automation is all about. Just let him know what you need: wietse.mol@intire.nl

Want to know more?

Need more information on themes like sustainability or Integrated Reporting? Wesley will give you the ins and outs.

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